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Peter Erskine
As It Is

John Taylor piano
Palle Danielsson double-bass
Peter Erskine drums
Glebe Ascending
The Lady In The Lake
Touch Her Soft Lips And Part
Au Contraire
For Ruth
Romeo & Juliet

Recorded September 1995
ECM 1594

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Peter Erskine's group is openly influenced by both Bill Evan's Vanguard trio and Paul Bley's trio circa "Footloose" and "Closer", and brings some of their values into the present tense. At the same time, it has its own distinct character and understanding of dynamics. "As it Is" features works written primarily by John Taylor, with Erskine also contributing material. The group has been heralded for their understated approach to music which is performed with a controlled sense of freedom and simple lyricism.