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Orchestre National de Jazz

Paolo Damiani cello
Anouar Brahem oud
Gianluigi Trovesi piccolo clarinet, alto saxophone
François Jeanneau soprano sax, flute
Thomas de Pourquery soprano, alto and tenor saxophones
Jean Marc Larché soprano, alto and baritone saxophones
Médéric Collignon pocket trumpet, fluegelhorn, voice
Alain Vankenhove trumpet, fluegelhorn
Gianluca Petrella trombone
Didier Havet sousaphone
Régis Huby violin
Olivier Benoit guitar
Paul Rogers double-bass
Christophe Marguet drums
Sequenze Orfiche
Montbéliard Trio
Argentiera (tutti)
Argentiera (trio)

Recorded October 2001
ECM 1828
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First ECM album by the French big band celebrated as an important institution in contemporary jazz. ONJ projects have stressed both the strength of French improvising and the potential for collaboration with musicians of other backgrounds and cultures.
    For “Charmediterranéen” (“Mediterranean Spell”), the orchestra is joined by two artists familiar to ECM listeners: Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem, and Italian reedman Gianluigi Trovesi. The ONJ operates a revolving leadership policy, with a new director elected every three years. Since 2000 the musical director has been the Italian cellist/composer Paolo Damiani, who has previously appeared on ECM’s recording of the Italian Instabile Orchestra.