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Louis Sclavis
Napoli’s Walls

Louis Sclavis clarinets, saxophones
Vincent Courtois cello, electronics
Médéric Collignon pocket trumpet, voices, horn, percussion, electronics
Hasse Poulsen guitar
Colleur de nuit
Napoli’s Walls
Kennedy in Napoli
Divinazione Moderna, part 1
Divinazione Moderna, part 2
Guetteur d’inaperçu
Les apparences
Porta segreta
Il disegno smangiato d’un uomo

Recorded December 2002
ECM 1857
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French clarinettist/saxophonist Louis Sclavis has brought many new impulses to contemporary jazz with his uniquely conceived programmes, concepts and bands. “Napoli’s Walls” – the name of both his new quartet and his new album- is the latest in a distinguished line which has included such important projects as “L’Affrontement des Prétendants” and “Les Violences de Rameau.”
    “Napoli’s Walls” is a lively meditation upon the town of Naples, perceived not only through the filter of the city’s past and present but also offering pieces inspired by the artwork of radical French painter/interventionist Ernest Pignon-Ernest.