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Christian Wallumr°d Ensemble
The Zoo Is Far

Christian Wallumr°d Piano, Harmonium, Toy Piano
Arve Henriksen Trumpet
Gjermund Larsen Violin, Hardanger Fiddle, Viola
Tanja Orning Cello
Giovanna Pessi Baroque Harp
Per Oddvar Johansen Drunms, Percussion, Glockenspiel
Nash Lontano
Backwards Henry II
Parkins Cembalo
Fragment no. 6
Psalm KvŠn, solo
Fragment no. 2
Music For One Cat
Arch Dance
Psalm KvŠn, tutti
The Zoo Is Far
Fragment no. 7
Backwards Henry I
Fragment no. 3
Detach A
Need Elp
Psalm KvŠn, trio
Detach B
Backwards Henry With Drums
Detach C
Arch Dance With Trumpet
Fragment no. 1
Psalm KvŠn, quartet
Allemande Es

Recorded October 2006
ECM 2005

Extraordinarily concentrated music from the new, expanded ensemble led by Norwegian pianist composer Christian Wallumr°d, which introduces three new string players - violinist Gjermund Larsen from the Norwegian folk tradition, classical and improvising cellist Tanja Orning, and Swiss baroque harpist Giovanna Pessi. Together, and along with the long-serving Arve Henriksen and Per Oddvar Johansen, they focus their resources on Wallumr°dĺs music. Not a note is wasted in these pieces. This is true ensemble music, uniquely nuanced.