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Marc Sinan
Julia Hülsmann

Marc Sinan guitar
Yelena Kuljic vocals
Lena Thies viola
Julia Hülsmann piano
Marc Muellbauer double-bass
Heinrich Köbberling drums, percussion
This Bloody Day
The Necklace
Taking Leave
Sure 6/51
Ilk Taksim
The Last Night
The Dream
Sure 81 Taksimi
Üçüncü Taksim
Son Taksim
The Struggle Is Over
Sure 6/51, var.
You Open My Eyes

Recorded March 2008
ECM 2076

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Fasil, based on an idea by guitarist Marc Sinan and author Marc Schiffer, tells of the life of Aisha, the great love and youngest wife of the prophet Mohammed, in the course of an inspired song cycle. The improvisations take as their inspirational starting point fragments of Koran recitations recorded by Marc Sinan in Turkey. Together with Julia Hülsmann’s songs they form an Ottoman suite, a Fasil. Highlights in this transcultural project include exceptional performances by Sinan himself, and by Yelena Kuljić in the role of Aisha. The singer was recently described by the Frankfurter Rundschau as “the most thrilling new voice in the current jazz scene.”