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Michael Mantler
For Two

Bjarne Roupé guitars
Per Salo piano
Duet One
Duet Two
Duet Three
Duet Four
Duet Five
Duet Six
Duet Seven
Duet Eight
Duet Nine
Duet Ten
Duet Eleven
Duet Twelve
Duet Thirteen
Duet Fourteen
Duet Fifteen
Duet Sixteen
Duet Seventeen
Duet Eighteen

Recorded June and August 2010

ECM 2139

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The concise and relatively short pieces featured on this new recording continue Michael Mantler’s basic concept of creating music that is in part completely notated, but also involves improvisation. It is here reduced to a minimum, possibly his simplest and most economic interpretation of that idea so far, with only two instruments: the piano representing his basically orchestral compositional concept with a soloist from contemporary new music (a “classical” non-improvising pianist), combined with a second player coming from jazz, the guitarist (improvising and freely interpreting).