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Dino Saluzzi
El Encuentro

Dino Saluzzi bandoneon
Anja Lechner violoncello
Felix ´Cuchara´ Saluzzi tenor saxophone
The Metropole Orchestra
Jules Buckley conductor
Vals de los días (for bandoneon, violoncello and string orchestra)
Plegaria Andina (for bandoneon, violoncello, saxophone and string orchestra)
El Encuentro (for bandoneon, violoncello and string orchestra)
Miserere (for bandoneon and string orchestra)

Recorded February 2009

ECM 2155

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Dino Saluzzi’s new music for orchestra and soloists characteristically glides through the borders between the idioms. A Saluzzi composition can, from one minute to the next, be “serious”, “popular”, “traditional”, “experimental -, even if these style divisions barely exist for a bandoneonist who prefers to see his work as “simply an expression of innocence”. “El Encuentro” was recorded live in Amsterdam with the Metropole Orchestra in February 2009 and is issued in time for Dino’s 75th birthday in May.

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