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Gianluigi Trovesi
Gianni Coscia
Frère Jacques - Round about Offenbach

Gianluigi Trovesi piccolo and alto clarinets
Gianni Coscia accordion
Sognando Hélène / Oui! c’est un rêve
Ah! que les hommes sont bêtes /
Mon Dieu, mon Dieu
Piff, paff, pouff / La Duchessa nei caraibi
Ah! vivre deux / L’eccentrico inventore
Et moi? / No, tu no!
La voix
Parton le barcarole
Beguine del fauno
Sei Italiano? / No! ... Je suis Brésilien
La Duchessa della Czarda
C’est une chanson d’amour
Galop ... trotterellando
Le jugement de Paris / Ma! Non so!
Dedicated to Hélène and her little birds
Metamorfosi ... Pour séduire
Minuetto / Olympia
Ouverture / Un Americano a Troia

Recorded January/March 2009

ECM 2217
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The indefatigable Italian duo, having wrestled with Kurt Weill (“Round About Weill”) and with Milanese composer Fiorenzo Carpi (“In cerca di cibo”), now turns its attention to another spiritual soul-brother, Jacques Offenbach. The French composer of German origin (born in Cologne in 1819) wrote some of the most playful and sparkling music of the 19th century, ingenious music that could be beautiful and highly satirical by turns, always meticulously crafted. Unconcerned whether his work was regarded as high art, unafraid of frivolity, cheerfully parodying Wagner and other cultural icons – how could Offenbach not be a hero for Trovesi and Coscia??