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Giya Kancheli

Derek Lee Ragin countertenor
Thomas Demenga cello
Dennis Russell Davies piano
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Dennis Russell Davies conductor
Diplipito for violoncello, countertenor and Orchestra (1997)

Valse Boston for piano and strings (1996)

Recorded January 2001
ECM New Series 1773
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Premiere recordings of two major works, "Valse Boston ." (written 1996) , and "Diplipito" (written 1997). Both pieces give evidence of the ongoing tendency in Kancheli’s writing to simplify the musical language, strip the works of any superfluity, and tighten the focus for maximum emotional impact.

"Don't let the innocuous title fool you: Giya Kancheli’s ‚‘Valse , Boston’ is a powder keg of a piece. It is a secular prayer , veering between extremes of dynamics, tempo and mood. One moment , the piano is goading the strings to produce angry, stabbing dissonances. The next moment, it is quieting the orchestra with tiny fragments of waltz time, deceptively merry. Nobody conjures troubled landscapes in sound like Kancheli. He has given as a bleak, very Eastern view of modern existence, but the effect is cleansing." -- John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

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