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Igor Stravinsky
Orchestral Works

Dennis Russell Davies conductor
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Monumentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa ad CD annum
Asciugate i begli occhi
Ma tu, cagion di quella
Beltà poi che t'assenti

Danses Concertantes
Marche Introduction
Pas d'action: Con moto
Thème varié: Lento
Variation I: Allegretto
Variation II: Scherzando
Variation III: Andantino
Variation IV: Tempo giusto
Pas de deux
Marche – Conclusion

Concerto D-Dur

Apollon musagète
Premier tableau: Naissance
Variation d’Apollon
Pas d’action
Variation de Calliope
Variation de Polymnie
Variation Terpsicore
Variation d’Apollon
Pas de deux

Recorded October 2002
ECM New Series 1826
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This disc ushers in the 60th anniversary of the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, whose long and distinguished history includes a 16 year association (so far) with conductor Dennis Russell Davies. Under Davies' inspired direction, the orchestra looks at Stravinsky's orchestral music and its range of influences, from Gesualdo to Webern and shows how the great Russian composer was truly ahead of his time, anticipating the "polystylism" of contemporary music.
Featured compositions, presented in approximate reverse chronology, are the “Momentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa ad CD annum” (1960), the “Danses Concertantes” for chamber orchestra (1942), the Concerto in D for string orchestra (1946), and the ballet music “Apollon Musagète” (1927), created for his collaboration with choreographer Georges Ballanchine.