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Jörg Widmann

Jörg Widmann clarinet
Deutsche Radio Philharmonie
Christoph Poppen conductor
Messe (2006)
Kyrie: Introitus · Monodia (Sequenza ad una voce) - Interludium I - Contrapunctus I (a due voci) - Interludium II - Contrapunctus II (a tre voci) - Interludium III
Gloria: Antiphon [Echo-Choral] - Contrapunctus III
Et Resurrexit: Contrapunctus IV · Exodus

Fünf Bruchstücke (1997)
I Äußerst langsam
II Presto possibile
III Sehr langsam, frei
IV Energiegeladen, sehr schnell
V Achtel = 40

Elegie (2005)

Recorded June/July 2008 and May 2009

ECM New Series 2110

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Composer portrait of Jörg Widmann (b 1973 in Munich) with two major orchestral works bridged by Fünf Bruchstücke for clarinet and piano. The Messe was composed in 2006, Elegie in 2005 while the Bruchstücke are amongst Widmann’s earliest published pieces, composed in 1997. On the Bruchstücke he is joined by another great composer/performer, Heinz Holliger, heard here in a recording debut as pianist. Widmann’s astonishingly agile clarinet dominates the Elegie with a range of expression embracing trills, multiphonics and microtones. Christoph Poppen directs the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie with customary élan.