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Keith Jarrett
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Keith Jarrett
Jan Garbarek
Palle Danielsson
Jon Christensen
Gary Peacock
Jack DeJohnette
Book Of Ways 18
Book Of Ways 12
Book Of Ways 14
Spirits 16
Spirits 20
Spirits 2
Spirits 13
Spirits 25
Spheres (7th Movement)
The Windup
’Long As You Know You’re Living Yours
My Song
The Journey Home
First (Solo Voice)
Fifth (Recognition)
Munich (Part IV)
Late Night Willie
The Cure
No Lonely Nights
Hymn Of Remembrance

Recordings 1974-1994
rarum 8001

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Since his first recording for ECM more than 30 years ago, Keith Jarrett’s discography has expanded into one of the unique achievements of the age, setting standards in a multiplicity of directions. His :rarum double album gives an indication of its breadth and depth. Alongside music by the Jarrett/Peacock/DeJohnette trio and the “Belonging” quartet with Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson and Jon Christensen, Jarrett provides an overview of his work as solo improviser. The culmination of his 1981 Munich solo piano concert is included – released on CD for the first time – as well as selections from his 1987 Tokyo solo concert and an encore from Bregenz. Jarrett also re-examines his innovative clavichord improvisations from the 1986 “Book of Ways”, and pieces from the uniquely-inspired “Spirits” (1985) tapes. One of Keith Jarrett’s goals for this compilation was, as he writes in his liner notes, “to direct the listener’s attention to recordings that either have been heard less than I feel is their due, or have escaped recent awareness.”