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Jack DeJohnette
Selected Recordings

Jack DeJohnette drums, piano
John Abercrombie guitar
Don Alias percussion
Lester Bowie trumpet
Michael Cain piano
Eddie Gomez double-bass
Mick Goodrick guitar
Jerome Harris guitar
Dave Holland double-bass
Keith Jarrett piano, electric piano
Howard Johnson tuba
David Murray tenor saxophone
John Purcell alto saxophone
Rufus Reid double-bass
John Surman baritone saxophone
Third World Anthem
Jack In
Feebles, Fables and Ferns
How's Never
Silver Hollow
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Picture 6

Recordings 1971-1997
rarumECM 8012

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The Chicago-born master drummer hopes that his selection “will bring peace, warmth and joy to the listener”. The warm and joyful duo recording with Keith Jarrett that brought both DeJohnette and Jarrett to ECM in 1971 is reprised here - as are bright moments with Gateway, Mick Goodrick and a succession of Jack’s own bands – New Directions, Special Edition and Oneness, with soloists including Lester Bowie, David Murray and John Abercrombie.