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Carla Bley
Selected Recordings

Carla Bley piano, organ
Don Alias percussion
Julian Argüelles baritone saxophone
Gato Barbieri tenor saxophone
Guy Barker trumpet
Daniel Beaussier oboe
Emma Black cello
Paul Bley piano
Hiram Bullock tuba
Andrew Byrt viola
Don Cherry pocket trumpet
Tony Dagradi tenor saxophone
Joe Daley euphonium
Claude Deppa trumpet
Richard Edwards trombone
Sharon Freeman french horn
Jimmy Giuffre clarinet
Larry Goldings organ
Charlie Haden double-bass, vocalist
Alison Hayhurst flute
Roger Jannotta soprano saxophone
Jack Jeffers trombone
Frank Lacy french horn
Christof Lauer tenor saxophone
Sara Lee clarinet
Victor Lewis drums
Jimmy Lyons alto saxophone
Dennis Mackrel drums
Karen Mantler organ
End of Vienna
On The Stage In Cages
Fleur Carnivore
More Brahms
Walking Batteriewoman

Recordings 1961-1999
rarumECM 8015

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“This collection contains samples from almost all of my life’s musical efforts, starting with recent albums and going back, with a few selections from ECM releases of my work by other artists, to the early sixties.” This is the :rarum disc that reaches the furthest into history as Carla’s “Ictus” is played by Jimmy Giuffre’s 1961 trio: this was music that laid the groundwork for the “chamber jazz” ECM would later explore more extensively. There is music with the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra and with the Liberation Music Orchestra, and with Carla’s large and small ensembles as documented on WATT, and no shortage of star soloists…