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April 20 , 2012

Reviews of the Week

The Hilliard Ensemble's Quinto Libri di Madrigali thrills The Independent

“If I die I do not look, but live not when I look – thus I am dead, but not bereft of life.” The elegant rhetoric betrays Gesualdo’s aristocratic background, and its internal contradiction neatly reflects the baffling ingenuity of his work, whose dissonances were literally centuries ahead of his time, their bold gambits regarded with suspicion by his 16th-century peers, and even now testing the imagination and ingenuity of even as accomplished a team as the Hilliard quartet.
Andy Gill, The Independent

Carolin Widmann's and Alexander Longquichs reading of Schubert is praised on both sides of the Atlantic

Carolin Widmann is fearless, willing to take the vibrato out of her instrument or attack with gusto. And Alexander Lonquich, with an equal, and occasionally leading and weirder role, is as acutely tuned to dynamics and the works’ kinks as is the violinist. The sound, needless to say, is superb. Odd, enthralling, Schubert.
Robert Levine, Stereophile

The pain and intensity of these works are conveyed with impeccable technical skill and insight. Highly recommended.
Gavin Engelbrecht, Northern Echo
Gavin Engelbrecht, Northern Echo

American Jazz magazine Downbeat on Tord Gustavsen's The Well

Gustavsen’s quartet has been working in its current form since 2009, when it released ‘Restored Returned’ with singer Kristin Asbjørnsen, but the pianist has played with drummer Jarle Vespestad in a trio format since 2003’s ‘Changing Places’. This familiarity lets the ensemble create intimate music that sounds fresh without having to rely on musical affectations or even rising above a whisper.
Jon Ross, Downbeat