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Jazzmagazine, Choc du mois

ECM has repackaged three of the band’s best albums from the decade of its emergence, and it’s remarkable how fresh it still sounds. Yellow Fields, an exploration of the layering of harmony that is nonetheless energised by engaging vamps and the keening reeds sounds of the late Charlie Mariano, remains the best of the bunch. But its 1977 successor Silent Feet and 1980’s Little Movements aren’t far behind. … Colours was a landmark band, and if some of this music sounds familiar, it’s because its impact was widespread.
John Fordham, The Guardian

Weber, with his customised upright electric contraption, was honing a new approach to the bass as a frontline instrument that would soon lead him to a long partnership with Norwegian saxist Jan Garbarek. It is easy to see why: these lucid, thickly flowing and moody sessions are the essence of runic North European jazz.
Garry Booth, BBC Music Magazine

At this distance what is astonishing is the wide range of music this band covered. The liner notes refer to the “distinctive European note” Colours evoked, which of course they do, but they also looked beyond European influences to embrace world influences with Mariano doubling on flutes, shenai and nagaswaram… Perhaps even more astonishing is how this sophisticated and forward-looking music to be found on so many tracks in this set still sounds ahead of its time today.
Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise