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The new album couldn’t have been made by a group with less accumulated wisdom. Hart has recorded before on Mr. Eicher’s label, ECM, notably with the saxophonist Charles Lloyd. (One of those albums, “All My Relations,” provides some titular precedent.) With “All Our Reasons,” there’s clear potential for another sustained relationship, and a tantalizingly high bar to clear.
Nate Chinen, NY Times

[...] Reasons homes in on its ethereal aspects, rendering nine sublime, ruminative tracks that are as stark and atmospheric as the cover photograph, an arty shot of the Empire State Building that is quintessentially ECM.
In addition, its main thrust is not rhythm but melody. Iverson and Turner, who share composing duties with Hart (with three and two pieces, respectively), have considerable tune-crafting skills, with Turner's spacious ballad "Wasteland" and midtempo jaunt "Duchess" being especially memorable. More important, both have a tender touch on their instrument, lifting the tunes from merely melodic to sumptuously so.
Michael J. West, Jazztimes

Bei kaum einen anderen Rhythmus-Spezialisten lässt sich derart präzise und genau erleben, was er gerade spielt, welcher Baustein im Schlagzeug-Set gerade zum Einsatz kommt. Und speziell diese Qualität der eigenen Kunst zeigt Billy Hart natürlich beispielhaft auf der neuen CD, die er mit dem eigenen Quartett eingespielt hat und die dieser Tage in der ECM-Produktion erscheint.
Michael Laages, NDR

A largely collective ensemble, nominally led by drummer Billy Hart but featuring material evenly distributed between hart, pianist Ethan Iverson and saxophonist Mark Turner, this foursome seems a perfect fit for a contemporary ECM outing.
Expanisve in scope, but with resonance and focus, All Our Reasons has the spirit of great early albums by Jan Garbarek and Keith Jarrett. But this band, with Hart mooring everything with a sense of grace, wisdom and adventure, brings today’s New York scene to bear on that 40-year-old label sound.
John Corbett, Downbeat