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This is a captivating sequence of plainsong and early polyphony, justified by the common link of the Judaic notion of the Israelites as daughters of Zion. The Estonian vocal group vox Clamantis, recorded in a generously resonant acoustic, adopt a stance that manages to be both liberal and respectful.
Stephen Pettitt, Sunday Times

On admire toujours le naturel du phrasé, parfaitement conduit, et les voix idéalement fusionnées et incarnées, dans ce programme contemplative organisé autour de la Fille de Sion.
Elisabeth Haas, La Liberté

It's an album that revels in the sort of musical space that ECM has continually excelled at - a cavernous cathedral ambiance, the vocal parts blended with creatively affective attention to sound staging, and a marvelous vocal ensemble sound. This is music to take you to another spacetime. The taking you there paradoxically has become one of the hallmarks of later modernity, both in performance and new composition. The excellence of the ensemble and of the recording recommends itself to all who appreciate the sonics of early music. It's continually there on this one, with beautiful results.
Grego Applegate Edwards,

So frisch, authentisch und auf einfache Weise richtig singt das estnische Ensemble Vox Clamantis unter Jaan-Eik Tulve diese Musik. […] Gipfel ist das geradezu vom Himmel säuselnde "O ignis spiritus" der Hildegard von Bingen. Mit dieser CD wird mancher wieder fromm werden.
Wolfram Goertz, Rheinische Post

Vox Clamantis probably breaks some of the ‘rules’ about Medieval music, to the extent anyone has any idea how it actually would have sounded. By combining male and female voices, by pitting soloists against choir, and even by using contemporary and non-standard vocal techniques ( I swear I hear ‘overtone singing’ behind Hildegard’s ‘O ignis spiritus’), Vox Clamantis’s imagination and musicality make for an absorbing and inspiring musical encounter.
John Montanari, New England Public Radio

Their interpretation of medieval music is never purely historical and while remaining true to the spirit of the repertoire the approach is contemporary with sound and texture and blending of voices as focus. Highly recommended.
Gavin Engelbrecht, Northern Echo

The variety in ensemble and timbre generates plenty of colour and contrast between the pieces, and while all of them have a familial similarity they are all different, and the inventive approach brought to them is truly inspiring.
Dominy Clements, Music Web International

Les chanteurs du chœur estonien Vox Clamantis se placent indéniablement parmi les rares ensembles aujourd’hui cpapables de donner véritablement vie au chant grégorien, èvitant les ècueils si fréquents des imprécisions d’ensemble, ou des lourdeurs de phrasé. Par leur conduite incroyablement sûre et expressives des liges, leur déclamation limpide, ainsi que par l’harmonie remarquable des chateurs au sein du groupe, on croirait n’entdendre qu’une voix collective , qui transmet ces mélodies avec une vitalité et un naturel impressionnants.
Guillaume Bunel, Classica