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“Magic of another sphere”: the spellbinding Cyrillus Kreek

Released last week, “The Suspended Harp of Babel” with music of Cyrillus Kreek has met with a chorus of approval from international media, with radio journalists ecstatic in their responses.  At BBC’s Radio 3, Hanna French described Vox Clamantis’s recording of the Estonian composer’s music as “a real stunner…magic of another sphere,” while fellow presenter Andrew McGregor described it as the “discovery of the week. Beautifully crafted, really atmospheric, absolutely bewitching.”  London’s Classic FM Rob Cowan declared “This really did take me by storm. Extremely beautiful. I rather think you’ll love it.”  On America’s National Public Radio, Robin Hilton implied this was the consoling music needed for the present moment: “File under ‘Doctor’s orders’! It is so beautiful, and everyone needs to hear it.” Stephen Thompson, co-presenter of All Songs Considered echoed, “You’re hearing something really ancient and contemporary intermingled in this graceful and beautiful way….”.  Meanwhile at Germany’s Bayerische Rundfunk, the Kreek album is CD Tip of the Week.  “Meditative and fluid music”, says Susanne Schmerda. “Concentrated and clear as a mountain stream. Music that opens the heart, touches the soul, and gives comfort. Familiar and yet new. This Cyrillus Kreek album is a wonderful discovery and we hope for more of his music, especially when the ensemble “Vox Clamantis” is involved, singing in perfect harmony and with such serenity.”

The Suspended Harp of Babel features music of Cyrillus Kreek sung by Vox Clamantis under the direction of Jaan-Eik Tulve, with instrumental interludes and fantasias created for this recording by Marco Ambrosini.

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