Arbour Zena

Keith Jarrett

“I consider this one of my most richly lyrical and consistently inspired works,” wrote Keith Jarrett
of “Mirrors”, the almost half-hour long concluding piece on Arbour Zena. “Jan Garbarek’s
contribution is irreplaceable and ecstatic.” It is easy to agree that Arbour Zena as a whole is one
of Jarrett’s most exceptional albums. Evocative writing for strings, beautiful playing by Keith and
Jan and by Charlie Haden at his most soulful, and a glowing panoramic production make this
1975 recording one of the finest of the early ECMs.

Featured Artists Recorded

October 1975, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg

Original Release Date


  • 1Runes
    (Keith Jarrett)
  • 2Solara March
    (Keith Jarrett)
  • 3Mirrors
    (Keith Jarrett)