Bent Sørensen: Birds and Bells

Christian Lindberg, Oslo Sinfonietta and Cikada, Christian Eggen

CD18,90 out of print

An ECM New Series debut for a Danish composer of great originality. "Sørensen’s music is dreamscapes without boundaries," Nordic Sounds has written. "Down to the last detail of its structure it wishes to accommodate itself to the lyrical leaps and irregular rhythms of consciousness." On "Birds and Bells" Sørensen plays continually with spatial depth in the music, inviting the listener to experience it from unusual and changing perspectives as glissandi sweep through the ensemble sound and composed "echoes" reverberate. The music is well served by an exceptional pan-Scandinavian cast under the direction of Christian Eggen.

Featured Artists Recorded

October 1997, NRK Studio 11, Oslo

Original Release Date


  • The Lady and the Lark
    (Bent Sørensen)
  • 1Movement I01:42
  • 2Movement II00:59
  • 3Movement III02:08
  • 4Movement IV01:15
  • 5Movement V03:00
  • Birds and Bells
    (Bent Sørensen)
  • 6Movement I06:41
  • 7Movement II07:42
  • 8Movement III05:15
  • 9The Deserted Churchyards (for six instruments)
    (Bent Sørensen)
  • 10Funeral procession (for violin, viola and six instruments)
    (Bent Sørensen)
  • 11The Bells of Vineta (for trombone solo)
    (Bent Sørensen)
  • 12The Lady of Shalott (version for string quartet)
    (Bent Sørensen)