Cloud About Mercury

David Torn

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CD from the "Touchstones" Series.
“Everything is in a state of transition,” David Torn explained. “Mercury is an element that captures the essence of change.” The changing soundscape of improvisation in the mid-1980s informs the textures and colours of Cloud About Mercury, whose sonorities are closely related to progressive rock (the rhythm section is half of one incarnation of King Crimson) and to the experimental end of ambient music. Drummer Bill Bruford’s affection for this album is undying: “To this day, Torn’s guitar on ‘Three Minutes of Pure Entertainment’ from Cloud About Mercury makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.”
Featured Artists Recorded

March 1986, Audio International, London

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  • 1suyafhu skin... snapping the hollow reed
    (David Torn)
  • 2the mercury grid
    (David Torn)
  • 33 minutes of pure entertainment
    (David Torn)
  • 4previous man
    (Bill Bruford, David Torn, Mark Isham, Tony Levin)
  • 5network of sparks: the delicate code
    (David Torn)
  • 6network of sparks: egg learns to walk - ... suyafhu seal
    (Bill Bruford, David Torn, Mark Isham, Tony Levin)