Double, Double You

Kenny Wheeler, Mike Brecker, John Taylor, David Holland, Jack DeJohnette

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CD from the "Touchstones" Series.
Canadian trumpeter Kenny Wheeler was both a major jazz composer and a soloist given to free flights, thriving on the creative tension between lyricism and fiery interplay. Musicians loved the challenges implied in his writing, as is apparent in every minute of this 1983 session. Wheeler and Michael Brecker make a very fine, mutually-inspiring frontline, and Double, Double You also draws upon several long-established creative relationships. Wheeler and Holland had been close musical associates since the 1960s. Holland and DeJohnette established themselves as one of the great rhythm sections in Miles Davis’s band and on many ECM discs (including Kenny’s Gnu High and Deer Wan). And Wheeler and Taylor were forever in each other’s groups, at the time of this recording also playing in the trio Azimuth.
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May 1983, Power Station, New York

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  • 1Foxy Trot
    (Kenny Wheeler)
  • 2Ma Bel
    (Kenny Wheeler)
  • 3W. W.
    (Kenny Wheeler)
  • 4Three For D'reen / Blue For Lou / Mark Time
    (Kenny Wheeler)