Dvořák / Janáček / Eben

Prague Chamber Choir, Josef Pancík

CD18,90 out of print

The Prague Chamber choir was launched in 1990 and was largely encouraged by the new climate of artistic freedom which accompanied Czechoslovakia’s reclaimed political independence. The repertoire of Bohemian and Moravian religious music brought together on this album includes works by two of the greatest composers of the nationalist movement during the late-19th and early 20th Centuries. The third piece is a contemporary work by a composer who witnessed first-hand his country’s oppression during World War II. Collectively, these pieces by Dvorak, Janacek and Eben add up to a sustained thanksgiving-underlined by a certain pride in the enduring strengths of the Czech tradition of sacred music.

Featured Artists Recorded

November 1993, Rudolfinum / Dvořák Hall, Prague

Original Release Date


  • Mass in D Major op. 86
    (Traditional, Antonín Dvořák)
  • 1Kyrie05:20
  • 2Gloria07:43
  • 3Credo09:56
  • 4Sanctus - Benedictus07:20
  • 5Agnus Dei04:50
  • 6Our Father (for mixed choir, harp and organ)
    (Traditional, Leoš Janáček)
  • 7Prague Te Deum 1989 (for mixed choir and organ)
    (Traditional, Petr Eben)