El Corazón

Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell

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CD from the "Touchstones" Series.
“The trumpeter sketches a succession of melodies and moods around and over the rich textural detail and earthy solidity of Mr Blackwell’s drumming,” noted Robert Palmer in The New York Times. “The melodies come from Spain, Africa, Jamaica and the modern jazz compositions of Thelonious Monk, but Mr Cherry and Mr Blackwell transform them into a personal music that is as urbane and international as they are. Together, they make El Corazón one of the most impressive duet albums of recent years.” This magical 1982 album, overflowing with character, has remained the reference recording for trumpet and drums duos.
Featured Artists Recorded

February 1982, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg

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  • 1Mutron / Bemsha Swing / Solidarity / Arabian Nightingale (Dedicated to Om Kaltsom)
    (Don Cherry, Denzil Best, Thelonious Monk, Don Cherry, Don Cherry)
  • 2Roland Alphonso
    (Roland Alphonso)
  • 3Makondi
    (Don Cherry)
  • 4Street Dancing
    (Ed Blackwell)
  • 5Short Stuff / El Corazón/ Rhythm For Runner
    (Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell)
  • 6Near-in
    (Ed Blackwell)
  • 7Voice of the Silence
    (Don Cherry)