Giya Kancheli: Lament

Gidon Kremer, Maacha Deubner, Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, Jansug Kakhidze

Breathtaking and emotionally-fraught violin by Gidon Kremer dominates one of Georgian composer Kancheli’s most moving compositions, dedicated to fallen comrade Luigi Nono. Reviews of the work in performance have spoken of a vast, brooding, stillness, where patience is "rewarded by moments of great, piercing beauty."

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March 1998, Tbilisi Centre for Music & Culture

  • 1Lament
    (Hans Sahl, Giya Kancheli)
2023 September 27 Casals Forum Kronberg, Germany
2023 September 28 Casals Forum Kronberg, Germany
2023 September 29 Elbphilharmonie, großer Saal Hamburg, Germany
2024 February 18 Konzerthaus Dortmund, Germany