L'étoffe des rêves

Jean-Charles Richard, Marc Copland, Claudia Solal, Vincent Segal

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An adventurous musician, Jean-Charles Richard studied at the CNSM in Paris, where he obtained a first prize in classical saxophone and a diploma in jazz. Holder of the CA of classical saxophone and jazz and a DEM of analysis, he is in charge of the class of specialized jazz and improvised music cycle at the CRR of Paris, and of the Pôle Supérieur Paris – Boulogne-Billancourt.
Out of a taste for extremes, he chose to devote himself to soprano and baritone saxophones. His curiosity for all the territories of music led him to perform in classical orchestra.
L’étoffe des rêves" was naturally born from my strong desire to work with Marc Copland, so moved am I by his sound and his harmonic language
In this album, Jean Charles Richard’s musical, literary and emotional influences have woven a music endowed with rare poetry.
From the saxophonist’s compositions to allusions to Claude Debussy, from a nod to Mussorgsky to the interpretation of Messiaen, this opus reveals a range of colours and images served by the harmonic science of the pianist for whom these timeless pieces seem to have always been intended.
Here the mood is thoughtful. There is nothing demonstrative about these high-flying musicians. Just a sharing, an openness flirting sometimes towards a calm, sometimes gentle, melancholy.
The fatal destiny of Shakespeare’s Ophelia (Hamlet), also taken up in Arthur Rimbaud’s poem, is served by Claudia Solal’s precise, clear and gentle voice and the reassuringly and light tone of Vincent Ségal’s cello.
Diaphanous baritone, harmonies of twilight, in this suspended time the volatile confidences of this delicate quartet are cradled.
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January 2022, Studios La Buissonne, Pernes les Fontaines

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  • 1Feodor
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 2Giverny
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 3Ophelia's death
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 4Russian Prince
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 5Ophélie
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 6Desquartes
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 7La lettre d'Isaac Babel
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 8Light flight
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 9O sacrum convivium
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 10L'étoffe des rêves
    (Jean-Charles Richard)
  • 11Weeping brook
    (Jean-Charles Richard)