Northern Song

Steve Tibbetts

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CD from the "Touchstones" Series.
Steve Tibbetts’ first ECM session found the Minnesotan guitar player journeying with faithful percussionist Marc Anderson to Oslo in 1981, to make what might be his most stark and inner-directed recording, etching sounds in silence. “There is nothing in this music (with titles such as “The Big Wind,” and “Walking”) to hang any defining label on”, commented the Oakland Tribune. “It has overtones of classical, jazz, rock and Martian style but mostly it is just an extreme pleasure for the senses. Approach with an open mind.”
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October 1981, Talent Studio, Oslo

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  • 1The Big Wind
    (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
  • 2Form
    (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
  • 3Walking
    (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
  • 4Aerial View
    (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)
  • 5Nine Doors/Breathing Space
    (Marc Anderson, Steve Tibbetts)