Roberto Masotti – You tourned the tables on me

Photographs by Roberto Masotti, Lelli and Masotti Archive
Texts by R. Masotti, Franco Masotti, Daniel Charles
Biographies and discography by Roberto Valentino

You tourned the tables on me, one hundred and fifteen contemporary musicians and composers portrayed by Roberto Masotti between 1974 and 1981 with the constant (but always variable) presence of a table as a prop that always travels with the photographer.

“It was found and purchased on the outskirts of Milan, on a sunny afternoon in May 1974, at a camp of gypsies who lived off buying and selling scrap iron. It was first used as a prop, by chance, when I was shooting a portrait of Juan Hidalgo, a Fluxus artist, and then again with Walter Marchetti, who formed the group Zaj with Hidalgo and Esther Ferrer. Hence the idea of a series of portraits of musicians, all featuring the coffee table. Each musician involved first took a look at all the previously selected images, then freely decided how to proceed and which other items, if any, they wanted to surround themselves with.”

Language: ITA / EN
Size : 22.5 x 29cm
Cover: Hardcover on matt coated paper with matt lamination, 4/0 printing
Book: 176 pages on Garda Matt Ultra of 150gr with varnish, 2/2 printing

ISBN 9791281174009
Publisher: Seipersei