Skies Of Europe

Italian Instabile Orchestra

CD18,90 out of print

"The Instabile Orchestra players are heading towards the creative expression of the 21st century. Listen to the music; it will tell you why." –Ornette Coleman

Featured Artists Recorded

May 1994, Auditorium F.L.O.G., Florence

Original Release Date


  • Il Maestro Muratore
    (Bruno Tommaso)
  • 1Il Maestro Muratore07:20
  • 2Squilli di Morte02:54
  • 3Corbù02:12
  • 4Merù Lo Snob09:59
  • 5L'Arte Mistica del Vasaio02:18
  • 6Il Maestro Muratore (Ripresa)01:29
  • Skies of Europe
    (Giorgio Gaslini)
  • 7Du Du Duchamp11:10
  • 8Quand Duchamp joue du marteau (When Duchamp Plays The Hammer)02:51
  • 9Il Suono Giallo (The Yellow Sound)05:22
  • 10Marlene e gli Ospiti Misteriosi (Marlene and The Myterious Guests)05:21
  • 11Satie Satin02:52
  • 12Masse d'Urto (a Michelangelo Antonioni) (Colliding Masses (For Michelangelo Antonioni))03:29
  • 13Fellini Song04:44