The Amazing Adventures of Simon Simon

John Surman, Jack DeJohnette

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CD from the "Touchstones" Series.
John Surman and Jack DeJohnette first played together in 1968, but didn’t make a duo album together until The Amazing Adventures of Simon Simon in 1981. Immediately recognised as a special album it won the Record of the Year Award in Jazz Forum’s Readers Poll. The press was equally enthusiastic. Down Beat: “Unrestrained delight! The stunning Adventures of Simon Simon shatters through several stylistic barriers in the most swingful of fashions – and goes right to the heart of modern musical artistry…5 stars.”
Featured Artists Recorded

January 1981, Talent Studio, Oslo

  • 1Part I - Nestor's Saga (The Tale of the Ancient)
    (John Surman)
  • 2Part II - The Buccaneers
    (John Surman)
  • 3Part III - Kentish Hunting (Lady Margaret's Air)
  • 4Part IV - The Pilgrim's Way (To the Seventeen Walls)
    (Jack DeJohnette, John Surman)
  • 5Part V - Within The Halls Of Neptune
    (John Surman)
  • 6Part VI - Phoenix And The Fire
    (Jack DeJohnette, John Surman)
  • 7Part VII - Fide et Amore (By Faith and Love)
    (Jack DeJohnette, John Surman)
  • 8Part VIII - Merry Pranks (Jester's Song)
    (John Surman)
  • 9Part IX - A Fitting Epitaph
    (John Surman)