The Codona Trilogy

Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos, Collin Walcott

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Box Set from the "Old & New Masters" Series.
Pure wizardry. The art of the improvisers beyond all borders. Preaching equality for all the idioms, anticipating the gathering wave of “world music”, drawing on traditions from all the continents, Codona was like no other band. Its sound: simultaneously poetic and powerfully evocative and stamped, in every second, with character. Summoned into being by Collin Walcott in 1978, the trio provided an utterly original context for Don Cherry’s starkly melodic trumpet and for the multi-instrumentalism of all three players. This 3-CD box incorporates the albums “Codona” (recorded 1978), “Codona 2” (1980) and “Codona 3” (1982).
Featured Artists Recorded

1978-1982, Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg

  • CD 1
  • 1Like That Of Sky
    (Collin Walcott)
  • 2Codona
    (Collin Walcott, Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos)
  • 3Colemanwonder: Race Face / Sortie / Sir Duke
    (Collin Walcott, Ornette Coleman, Stevie Wonder)
  • 4Mumakata
    (Collin Walcott)
  • 5New Light
    (Collin Walcott)
  • CD 2
  • 1Que Faser
    (Nana Vasconcelos)
  • 2Godumaduma
  • 3Malinye
    (Don Cherry)
  • 4Drip-Dry
    (Ornette Coleman)
  • 5Walking On Eggs
    (Collin Walcott)
  • 6Again And Again, Again
    (Collin Walcott)
  • CD 3
  • 1Goshakabuchi
  • 2Hey Da Ba Doom
    (Collin Walcott)
  • 3Travel By Night
    (Collin Walcott)
  • 4Lullaby
    (Collin Walcott)
  • 5Trayra Boia
    (Denise Milan, Nana Vasconcelos)
  • 6Clicky Clacky
    (Don Cherry)
  • 7Inner Organs
    (Don Cherry)
The Codona Trilogy is visual. Its astonishing openness conjures torrents and tumbles and millraces of visual images. By the time we get to the 1982 sessions they are so comfortable in their skins that they are producing ‘Trayra Boia’ a conversational wash of words that takes word-jazz to new places before the angelic blasts enter and the sitary railroad blues of ‘Clicky Clacky’. Illuminating notes from Steve Lake only add to the perfection. And did I mention the trilogy’s fun and the sense of humour?
Ken Hunt, Jazzwise
Noch immer funktioniert die Magie dieser Musik. Noch immer übertragen sich die leichtfüßigen Rhythmen, die zarten Melodielinien, noch immer berührt dieser vielschichtige, akustische Klang. „Natürliche Musik“ war es nach Cherrys Worten, die das Trio Codona spielte, und noch immer klingt sie, als wollten die drei Musiker den Klang des Planeten einfangen: den brasilianischen Regenwald mit all seinen Stimmen und Geräuschen; …den Sound des indischen Subkontinents…; den schier unerschöpflichen Born von Melodien, die Don Cherry auf seinen weiten Reisen durch Asien, Afrika und de Welten des Jazz und der Meditation angelegt hatte.
Stefan Hentz, Die Zeit