The New Quartet

Gary Burton

LP from the "Luminessence" Series
CD from the "Touchstones" Series.
As well as being the great vibraphone innovator of the era, Gary Burton is known for his unparalleled intuition as a talent scout. In 1973, The New Quartet introduced Abraham Laboriel: this was the first recording of the bassist who would soon become one of the most in-demand session players across all genres. “It must be emphasised that Laboriel sounds like a major artist in the making with his astonishing bass work,” wrote Melody Maker.
Guitarist Mick Goodrick also emerged as a player to watch on this album, shining in a well-conceived programme with compositions of Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Carla Bley, Mike Gibbs and bandleader Burton.
Featured Artists Recorded

March 1973, Aengus Studios Fayville

  • 1Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
    (Chick Corea)
  • 2Coral
    (Keith Jarrett)
  • 3Tying Up Loose Ends
    (Gordon Beck)
  • 4Brownout
    (Gary Burton)
  • 5Olhos De Gato
    (Carla Bley)
  • 6Mallet Man
    (Gordon Beck)
  • 7Four Or Less
    (Michael Gibbs)
  • 8Nonsequence
    (Michael Gibbs)
This is, of course, the best Gary Burton album in a long while. (..) The inherent melodic quality of the instrument is joined by a tough, vigorous rhythm section. The perfect combination.
On the opening track, Chick Corea´s „Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly“ for instance, Abraham Laboriel´s brilliant bass lines neatly underpin the melodic invention of both Burton and guitarist Michael Goodrick.
And it must be emphasized that Laboriel sounds like a major artist in the making – throughout the album there´s almost a wall-of-sound rhythm section with his astonishing bass work, dominating the pace and, indeed, energy of the music.
Melody Maker, 1973
Gary Burton – The New Quartet is a scintillating jazz album that easily stands the test of time. Burton´s playing is inspired and flawless. His high-flying technical expertise is matched by the superior production standards. The vibraphone tonality is radiant. The acidic electric guitar is folded neatly into the mix. The bottom-end double bass and drums are perfect.
Audiophile Audition, 2019
Listening again now, it is clear why ECM saw fit to rerelease the album once again and to showcase its importance on the new Luminessence series. It’s so highly entertaining.
Alan Musson, UK Vibe