Enrico Rava Quintet

Since his return to ECM with “Easy Living” in 2003, the grand master of Italian jazz has gone from strength to strength, in a series of truly exceptional recordings including “Tati”, “The Words and The Days”, “The Third Man”, and “New York Days”. Enrico Rava is currently playing at a peak of lyrical invention, and his newest Italian quintet is amongst his strongest ensembles. Gianluca Petrella is retained from “The Words and the Days” line-up. Voted Rising Star Trombonist in the Down Beat Critics Poll of 2005, he has a front-line relationship with Rava which recalls Enrico’s affinity with Roswell Rudd back in the heyday of the New Thing. Fast-moving, quick-witted exchanges abound. Enrico has always encouraged younger musicians, and pianist Giovanni Guidi (born 1985) is a real find, a player of creativity and imagination: “When I notice the gifts of a young musician, I immediately involve him in my groups. This is not motivated by altruism,” Rava insists. “Giovanni Guidi is like Bollani and Petrella: he astounds me every time.” Bassist Gabriele Evangelista (b. 1988), another young player of promise, works splendidly alongside widely-experienced drummer Fabrizio Sferra, whose resume includes work with Chet Baker, Paul Bley and Kenny Wheeler. Material on “Tribe” includes new and old tunes by Rava and a brace of collective improvisations. The album was recorded at Arte Suono Studio in Udine in October 2010, with Manfred Eicher producing.

Featured Artists Recorded

October 2010, Artesuono Recording Studio, Udine

  • 1Amnesia
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 2Garbage Can Blues
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 3Choctaw
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 4Incognito
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 5Cornettology
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 6F. Express
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 7Tears For Neda
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 8Song Tree
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 9Paris Baguette
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 10Planet Earth
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 11Tribe
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 12Improvisation
    (Enrico Rava, Fabrizio Sferra, Gabriele Evangelista, Gianluca Petrella, Giovanni Guidi)