Enrico Rava Quintet

Since his return to ECM with “Easy Living” in 2003, the grand master of Italian jazz has gone from strength to strength, in a series of truly exceptional recordings including “Tati”, “The Words and The Days”, “The Third Man”, and “New York Days”. Enrico Rava is currently playing at a peak of lyrical invention, and his newest Italian quintet is amongst his strongest ensembles. Gianluca Petrella is retained from “The Words and the Days” line-up. Voted Rising Star Trombonist in the Down Beat Critics Poll of 2005, he has a front-line relationship with Rava which recalls Enrico’s affinity with Roswell Rudd back in the heyday of the New Thing. Fast-moving, quick-witted exchanges abound. Enrico has always encouraged younger musicians, and pianist Giovanni Guidi (born 1985) is a real find, a player of creativity and imagination: “When I notice the gifts of a young musician, I immediately involve him in my groups. This is not motivated by altruism,” Rava insists. “Giovanni Guidi is like Bollani and Petrella: he astounds me every time.” Bassist Gabriele Evangelista (b. 1988), another young player of promise, works splendidly alongside widely-experienced drummer Fabrizio Sferra, whose resume includes work with Chet Baker, Paul Bley and Kenny Wheeler. Material on “Tribe” includes new and old tunes by Rava and a brace of collective improvisations. The album was recorded at Arte Suono Studio in Udine in October 2010, with Manfred Eicher producing.

Featured Artists Recorded

October 2010, Artesuono Recording Studio, Udine

Original Release Date


  • 1Amnesia
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 2Garbage Can Blues
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 3Choctaw
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 4Incognito
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 5Cornettology
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 6F. Express
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 7Tears For Neda
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 8Song Tree
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 9Paris Baguette
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 10Planet Earth
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 11Tribe
    (Enrico Rava)
  • 12Improvisation
    (Enrico Rava, Fabrizio Sferra, Gabriele Evangelista, Gianluca Petrella, Giovanni Guidi)