Tropic Appetites

Carla Bley

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LP14,90 out of print

A continuation of the work begun by Carla Bley with poet Paul Haines on "Escalator over the Hill". "The world view ‘Appetites’ conveys is diametrically opposed to Marshal McLuhan’s vision of the global village. Its sinister jungles, incurable diseases, and ultimately insoluble conflicts between full stomachs and empty ones are more reminiscent of Paul Bowles’s bleak, despairing, but exquisitely crafted third world travelogues. A challenging work with a jumpy, eccentric surface and murky depths." – The New York Times. Very hip band: Julie (Driscoll) Tippetts, Gato Barbieri, Howard Johnson, Dave Holland, Paul Motian…

Featured Artists Recorded

November 1973 & September 1973-February 1974

Original Release Date


  • 1What Will Be Between Us And The Moon Tonight? (for Japan)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 2In India (to Irene)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 3Enormous Tots (to People's Music Works)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 4Caucasian Bird Riffles (for Sheila)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 5Funnybird Song (to Swallow)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 6Indonesian Dock Sucking Supreme (to Peking Widow)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 7Song Of The Jungle Stream (to Besha and to Tadd Dameron)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)
  • 8Nothing (for WATT)
    (Paul Haines, Carla Bley)