Valentin Silvestrov: Bagatellen und Serenaden

Valentin Silvestrov, Alexei Lubimov, Münchener Kammerorchester, Christoph Poppen

Documentation of orchestral music by Valentin Silvestrov in Munich gained an unexpected extra dimension with the spontaneous decision to record the Ukrainian composer playing the piano before and after the ‘official’ session. The results, captured in the early morning and late afternoon, are fascinating, offering an intimate glimpse into Silvestrov’s reflective musical language. The first half of this disc features Silvestrov alone. In the second half, Christoph Poppen directs the Munich Chamber Orchestra and Alexei Lubimov again reveals his deep affinity for Silvestrov’s oeuvre. In all, a true ‘composer portrait’, in time for Valentin Silvestrov’s 70th birthday.

Featured Artists Recorded

February 2006, Himmelfahrtskirche Sendling, Munich

Original Release Date


  • Bagatellen
    (Valentin Silvestrov)
  • 1I02:09
  • 2II02:54
  • 3III03:40
  • 4IV02:32
  • 5V02:03
  • 6VI01:50
  • 7VII02:05
  • 8VIII01:50
  • 9IX02:01
  • 10X01:53
  • 11XI02:17
  • 12XII02:10
  • 13XIII03:55
  • 14II (lontano)03:02
  • 15Elegie (für Streichorchester) (2000-02)
    (Valentin Silvestrov)
  • Stille Musik
    (Valentin Silvestrov)
  • 16I. Walzer des Augenblicks04:39
  • 17II. Abendserenade03:12
  • 18III. Augenblicke der Serenade02:17
  • Abschiedsserenade
    (Valentin Silvestrov)
  • 19I02:06
  • 20II02:51
  • 21Der Bote (für Streicher und Klavier) (1996)
    (Valentin Silvestrov)
  • Zwei Dialoge mit Nachwort (für Streichorchester un
    (Valentin Silvestrov)
  • 22I. Hochzeitswalzer04:53
  • 23II. Postludium03:14
  • 24III. Morgenserenade02:39