Veljo Tormis: Forgotten Peoples

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tõnu Kaljuste

2-CD23,90 out of print
2-LP37,90 out of print
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February 1990, Tapiola Church

Original Release Date


  • CD 1
  • Livonian Heritage
    (Veljo Tormis, Herbert Tampere)
  • 1Waking The Birds05:20
  • 2Day Of A Herdsboy03:23
  • 3Shrove Tuesday01:39
  • 4Wee Winky Mouse02:53
  • 5Sang The Father, Sang His Son03:02
  • Votic Wedding Songs
    (Veljo Tormis, Elna Adler, Tõnu Seilenthal)
  • 6The Ritual Whisking Of The Bride01:06
  • 7The Arrival Of The Wedding Guests01:59
  • 8Mockery Singing01:28
  • 9Distributing The Dowry Chest01:26
  • 10Instructing The Newly-Weds01:40
  • 11Praising The Cook01:06
  • 12When I, Chick, Was Growing Up02:51
  • Izhorian Epic
    (Veljo Tormis, Arvo Laanest)
  • 13Creation Of The World03:09
  • 14The Call Of Three Cuckoos04:24
  • 15Wedding Song01:56
  • 16A Son Or A Daughter03:18
  • 17Recruitment03:29
  • 18Oh, I'm A Luckless Lad01:19
  • 19My Mouth Was Singing, My Heart Was Worrying03:38
  • 20A Sword From The Sea03:32
  • 21Incantation Of Snakes00:48
  • 22Undarmoi And Kalervoi05:52
  • CD 2
  • Ingrian Evenings
    (Veljo Tormis, Ada Ambus)
  • 1Röntuska I (A Dance Song)03:06
  • 2Röntuska II01:46
  • 3Röntuska III01:52
  • 4Chastushka I (A Village Party Song)01:30
  • 5Chastushka II01:25
  • 6A Roundelay02:02
  • 7Röntuska IV02:33
  • 8Röntuska V01:23
  • 9Ending And Going Home03:27
  • Vepsian Paths
    (Veljo Tormis, Maare Joalaid)
  • 10My Sister, My Little Cricket01:50
  • 11Urging To Get Into The Boat01:40
  • 12Heavenly Suitors01:49
  • 13I Went To Kikoila00:34
  • 14Cuckoo And Cuckoo00:57
  • 15I Went To Fetch Some Water00:15
  • 16Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat00:35
  • 17I'd Like To Sing You A Song00:35
  • 18Where Did You Sleep Last Night?00:50
  • 19What Did They Doing At Your Place?00:35
  • 20The Ox Climbed A Fir Tree00:43
  • 21Forced To Get Married02:05
  • 22A Cradle Song01:46
  • 23The Only Son01:56
  • 24Toot-Toot, Herdsboy03:56
  • Karelian Destiny
    (Veljo Tormis, Jaan Õispuu, Kari Laukkanen, Ulo Tedre)
  • 25A Weeping Maiden04:33
  • 26Suitors From The Sea05:04
  • 27A Thrall In Viru05:13
  • 28The Oak Cutter05:28
  • 29A Lullaby06:22